INSTITUTION OF COMMITTEES AND CLUBS (2018-19)


                                                         w.e.f. 1st April 2018

Overall Supervision:

  • Secondary wing                -Ms. Neelam, PGT (GEO)
  • Primary wing                    -Ms. Raj Kumari, HM



Sr. No.





Admission Committee:


Fresh  Admissions

1. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)

2. Mr. Rashpal Singh, PGT (ECO)


TC Admissions

3. Ms. Vinod Kumari, TGT (Drg.)

 4. Ms. Ankita Singh, TGT (WE)


4. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM – I/C

5. Ms. Sunita Sethi ,PRT

6. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-2, PRT

7. Mr. Sandeep Kumar , PRT 

- To check out the admission schedule time as   per KVS direction.

- To monitor registration and checking of the entries and documents attached with the registration forms.

- Grouping of students according to merit etc.

- Allotment of admission number and Co-ordination work with the office and class teachers.

- Issue of school Leaving certificates.

- Checking of admission number with concerned documents.



Time Table:



1.     Ms. Rashmi, PGT (MATHS)

2.     Ms. Ankita Singh, TGT(WE)



1.     Ms. Joginder Kaur, TGT (SKT)

2.     Ms. Vinod Kumari, TGT (DRG)

3.     Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT         ( HISTORY)


5. Ms. Gulraj Kaur, PRT

6. Ms. Sunita Kumari, PRT

7.Ms. Ruby Wadhawan, PRT

- Preparation of school time table implementation of changes as per requirement under Time-table as per daily arrangement of substitute teachers.

- To prepare special time-table as per need and also to prepare time-table for supervisory work to be done by the principal. The new time table will come into effect from 1stApril 2018.



Home Examination:


1. Ms. Neelam, PGT (GEO)

2. Ms. Kuldeep Kaur, TGT(BIO)

3.Mr. Mohd. Aslam, TGT(MATHS)

4. Mr. Naresh Chopra, Sub Staff


5. Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur, PRT – I/C

6. Ms.Vaishali ,PRT

- All examination work pertaining to Vidyalaya.

- Planning execution of examination Schedule including unit test/cumulative tests etc.

- Maintenance of examination record and keeping them under safe custody confidentially.

- Maintenance of CBSE result and other board.



CBSE Examination:


1. Mr. P.K. Pandey, PGT(CS) – I/C

2. Mr. Surjit Kumar, TGT(ENG)

3. Mr. Khushi Ram, Sub Staff


- All examination work pertaining to Vidyalaya for board students.

- Maintenance of examination record and keeping them under safe custody confidentially.

- Maintenance of CBSE result and other board.



Other Examinations

1. Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS) – I/C

2. Ms. Rashmi, PGT (Maths)

3. Ms. Kuldeep Kaur, TGT (Bio)

4. Mr. Khushi Ram, Sub Staff


- All examination work pertaining to Vidyalaya which will be conducted by outside agencies.

- Planning execution of examination Schedule.

- Maintenance of examination record and keeping them under safe custody confidentially.



Olympiads & Competitions

 All Science Exams

1. Ms. Gurwinder Kaur, PGT (Chem) – JNNMSE, VVM etc.

2. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT(Phy)– IAPT,etc

3. Ms. Kuldeep, TGT(Bio) – Green Olympiad, Inspire Award, National Science Congress etc.

All Maths Exams

4. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)

5. Ms. Anita Gulati,TGT (Maths) 

All Other Competitions

6. Ms. DarshanaKumari, TGT (Lib.Sc.)

 Social Science/ Cultural Competitions

7. Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT (Hist.) 

8.Ms. Neelam ,PGT (Geo)

9. Mr. Rashpal Singh ,PGT (Eco)


- Notifying the dates to student

- Registration and coordination of examinations

- Preparation of  student for examinations








Co-Curricular Activities & Morning Assembly:


1. Ms. Sunita Samra, PGT (Eng) – I/C      2.Ms. Sunita , PGT (Hindi)(Asso.I/C)

3. Ms. Babita Kaushal, TGT (Eng)     

4. Mr. Vishal, TGT(Hindi)

5. Ms. M. Thakur, PRT (Mus)

5. Ms. Roselin , TGT (PHE)


6. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-1, PRT – I/C

7. Ms. Renu Malik , PRT

8. Ms. Sunita Bhagat, PRT

9. Ms. M. Thakur, PRT (Mus)


- Chalk out Annual programme to be included in school website.

-Implementation of programme conducting the various activities with some innovations ideas and monitoring the results of various competition, purchases and distribution of prizes.

- To celebrate all the important days

- To chalk out an annual program of all the important days etc. and to keep a day track of it.

- To collect all the information about the achievements and get the entries countersigned by the chief coordinator on every last working day and submit them to the Principal for perusal.

- To collect the photographs of the outstanding for record.

- To write periodic report about the achievements time to time.

-To maintain a file for this purpose.

- To write the certificates and honor the achievements time to time.

- Monitoring the day to day house activities and guiding the on suitable scale.

- To organize the inter school, inter-region and other competitions time to time.

- Correspondence with various agencies pertaining to CCA programme.

- To monitor the morning assembly programme through the house master.

- Timely conduct of the assembly with a preplanned schedule.

- To coordinator prizes distribution and other activities that come up from time to time.

- To organize the special programme e.g. VIP’s visit, celebration etc.

- To co- ordinate the master of the day activities involving school band with suitable commands.

- Any other job pertaining to morning assembly.

- Playing of marching tunes etc. involving school band with suitable commands. Hosting of flag ceremony.





1. Roselin,  TGT (PHE) – I/C

2. Mr. Vishal, TGT (Hindi)

3. Mr. Surjit Kumar, TGT(Eng)

4. Sports Coach


5. Ms. Kamaljit Kaur, PRT

7. Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT

8. Ms. Sangeeta, PRT



- To prepare an annual programme for sports and games.

- To plan and organize Annual sports day.

- To train the PRT for organizing some games for primary students.

- To prepare school team for various sports events on cluster level etc. participation.

- To plan annual purchase for sports and games as per need of the Vidyalaya well in time.

- To co-ordinate these activities with other institution.

- To keep a systematic record of all these activities.




1. Ms. Darshana Kumari,TGT (Lib.) – I/C

2. Ms. Sunita Samra, PGT (Eng)

3. Ms. Neelam,PGT(Geo.)

4. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT (Phy)

5. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)

6. Ms. Sunita, PGT (Hin.)

7. Ms. Sunita Bhagat, (PRT)

8. Ms. Kanta Kumari, (PRT)

9. Mr. Shankar ,Sub Staff 

- To chalk out the programme for maximum utilization of library facilities.

 - To train the students in taking notes from the books they keep a proper record of books read by the students. This can be taken as a project in all classes to improve the reading habits of the students 5 to 10 marks can be for the project as motivational.




1. Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT (CS)  – I/C

2. Mr. Surjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)

3. Ms. M. Thakur, PRT (Mus)

4.Ms.Meenkashi Sharma-1, PRT

5.. Mr. Rattan, Sub Staff

- Record keeping

- displaying of Photographs

- distribution of photograph required by students 





Accounting of Fee & Fine:

1. Mr. Sanjeev Malik, TGT (Maths)

2. Mr. Mohd. Aslam, TGT (Maths)                  3. Ms. Ruby Wadhawan, PRT             

4.Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT

- To supervise the collection of fees and fine etc. and tally the collection with fee and account register available with the fee clerk.

- To assist the office in maintaining proper accounts.

- To check the pay bill. 



Online Fee Assistance

1. Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS) – I/C

2. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT(Eng)

3. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-2, PRT

4. Ms. Roopam, PRT

- Supervision of quarterly verification of fee by teachers 





Discipline & Vigilance

1. Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT (His) – I/C

2. Ms. Sunita Samra, PGT(Eng)

3.Ms.Roselin, TGT (PHE)

4. Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS)

5.Ms.Sukhvinder Kaur ,PRT

6. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT

 7. Ms. Sunita Sethi, PRT

- Checking of students in the class room corridors etc. during assembly time, recess break and after the school hours.

- Devising suitable correction measures.

- Checking of uniform and personal hygiene.

- To handle all the discipline cases effectively.

- Any others job pertaining to discipline.



Scout & Guide

1.Mr.Surjit Kuamr, TGT (Eng) –I/C Scouts

2.Mr.Amarjit Kumar,TGT(Eng.)

3. Ms. Babita Kaushal, TGT (Eng)* – I/C Guides

4.Ms. Ruby Wadhawan, PRT

5.Ms. Raj Kumari, HM – I/C Cubs & Bulbuls

6. Renu Malik, PRT

7. Ms. Sunita Bhagat, PRT

- To co-ordinate all the scouting and guiding activities.

- To participate in various scout and guide camps.

- To plan and co-ordinate all the activities related to scout and guide.


*  To Handle all communication pertaining to District Commissioner (Guides)



PA System

1. Ms.Ankita Singh, TGT(WE)

2. Mr. Shankar Dass, Sub Staff (Primary)

2. Mr. Naresh Chopra, Sub Staff (Secondary)


- To look after the P.A equipment and its day to day maintenance separately in secondary and primary dept.

- To hire P.A system on special occasion.

-To carry out all the purchases repair needed for the purpose.

- Co-ordinate with the CCA committee for conduct of various programs. 



Cleanliness (Vidyalaya)


1. Mr. Sanjiv Malik, TGT (Maths) –  I/C

2.Ms.Sunita, PGT (Hindi)

3. Ms. Anita Gulati, TGT(Maths)

4. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng.)


5. Ms. Kanta Kumari, PRT – I/C

6. Ms.Ruby wadhawan, PRT

7. Ms.Sunita Bhagat, PRT

8. Ms.Kamaljit ,PRT

9. Ms. Roopam, PRT

- To monitor the overall cleanliness of the Vidyalaya that includes washrooms / toilets / corridors / class rooms / labs / Vidyalaya buildings/ playground etc.

- To get done the cleanliness job by the conservancy staff.

- To chalk out appropriate programme of cleanliness group wise.

- To get the work evaluated fortnightly to honour classes with running shields.



Drinking Water Committee & Water Potability Test

1. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng) – I/C

2. Mr. Vishal Kumar, TGT (Hindi)

3. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT

4. Mr. Rajinder Kumar,Sub Staff

- To solve the water problem of each section area wise

- To get water tested as required / according to KVS guidelines



Beautification of Campus, Eco Club And Green School Programme Audit (GSP).

1.PGT(Bio) –I/C

 2. Ms. Vinod Kumari, TGT (Drg) – I/C

3. Ms. KuldeepKaur, TGT(Bio)

4. Ms. Ankita Singh, TGT(WE)

5. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-1, PRT

6. Ms.Ruby Wadhawan, PRT

 7.Ms.Vaishali, PRT

8. Mr. Rajinder Kumar, Sub Staff

- To Organize Vanmahotsave Week, flower arrangement competition, rangoli etc. on inter house level.

- To maintain the school garden and to plan for further extension and expansion.

- To add some flowering plants in the garden.

- To add some pot of floral plants.



First Aid & Health Club/ Medical Checkup

 1. PGT (Bio) – I/C

2. Ms.Kuldip Kaur, TGT,(BIO)

3. Ms. Renu Malik, PRT

4. Nurse 

5. Mr.Rajinder, Sub staff


- To maintain the first aid box with register material.

- To organize first aid camp at suitable occasions e.g. annual day/sports day.

- To put the available material into day to day as through some centrally operation system.

- To guide student for health awareness

 -Arrange talks from experts

- To plan and executes health checkup of all  student of Vidyalaya



M & R

Civil & Sanitation:

* Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT(CS)- I/C


1. Mr. Vishal Kumar, TGT(Hindi)

2.Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur (PRT),

3. Mr. Rajinder Kumar, Sub Staff


1.Mr.Amarjit , TGT (Eng)

2. Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT

3. Mr. Shankar Dass, Sub Staff


1.     Mr.Rashpal Singh, PGT (Eco)- I/C

2.     Ms. Ankita Singh, TGT (WE)

3.     Ms. Sunita Sethi, PRT

4.     Mr. Naresh Chopra ,Sub staff

- To look after the operational condition of the water supply, electricity supply lines, Building maintenance etc.




M & R ( KV Staff Quarter Allotment And KV Staff Quarters’ Maintenance & Repairs)

 1. Mr. Sunil, PGT (C.S.) – I/C

2. Ms. Ankita Singh ,TGT (WE)

3. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)

4. Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT

5. Mr. Rattan, Sub Staff

- To look after the operational condition of the water supply, electricity supply lines, Building maintenance etc. of KV Staff Colony by proper utilization of Annual Maintenance Fund.

- Allotment of quarter as per KVS rules




 1. VP / Senior Most PGT as Prs. Officer

   Ms. Neelam, PGT (Geo)

2. Mr. Rashpal Singh, PGT (Eco)

3. Ms. Pawandeep ,PGT (Comm)

4. Stock Holder

5. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM 

- To plan for the tentative purchase from the VVN.

- To prepare for the required provision to be made in the VVN budget.

- To settle the accounts per purchase procedure.

- To monitor and control the utilization of material purchased.

- To plan for the Purchase.




1. Mr. Surjit Kumar, TGT (Eng) – I/C

2. Mr. Vishal, TGT (Hindi)

3. Ms.Sunita Sethi, PRT

4. Ms. Sangeeta , PRT

5. Mr.Shankar Dass, Sub Staff


- To get the record of the Vidyalaya furniture.

- To get the furniture numbered serially.

- To plan for annual purchase and repair.

- To maintain the stock register of furniture and get the physical verification done annually.

- To provide all the filaments and fixtures repaired as and when required.



Tobacco Control

1.     Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)- I/C

2.     Mr, Vishal, TGT(Hindi)

       3. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT

Student Members:

4. Sch. Captain (B):_________________________

5. Sch. Captain (G):_________________________

Parents Members (VMC):



- To developed awareness among the student regarding harms of Tobacco and drugs


- Arrange talks from experts











Guidance & Counseling /

Grievance and Redressal Committee

 1. Ms. Rashmi, PGT (Maths) – I/C

2. Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT(Hist)

3. Ms. Kuldeep ,TGT(Bio)

4.Mr.  Mohd. Aslam TGT(Maths)

5. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

6. Counselor 

- To arrange talks by experts.

- To organize career exhibition

- To organize seminars for students.

- To Organize Motivation talks

- Organize a Movie show (Motivational) like Tare Zameen Par.

- Note the Grievance of student and staff.

 - Take action accordingly



Teaching Aids

 1. Ms.Neelam, PGT(Geo) –I/C

2. Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT (Hist)

3. Ms.Joginder Kaur, TGT(Sans)

3. Ms. KamaljitKaur, PRT


- To popularize the use of teaching Aids.

- To maintain the proper record of the T/Aids and allow accessibility to the teachers.

- To keep proper record and operate it through and issue register.

- To plan for Annual purchase.

- To arrange some demonstrative lessons through the use of Audio- Visual Aids.




 1. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT (Phy) – I/C

2. Ms. Gurvinder Kaur, PGT(Chem)

3. Mr. Amarjeet, TGT(Eng)

- To provide guidance to student for their  Adolescence

- Arrange talks from experts




Junior Science Lab

 1. Ms. KuldeepKaur, TGT (Bio) – I/C

2. TGT (Bio)

3. Mr. Naresh Chopra, Sub Staff

- To prepare the list of requirement

-Record of activities performed from VI to X during the session

- Condemnation of unserviceable articles

- Upgradation of Lab as per Bench marking 

 -- To consolidate result and display the achievements periodically and graphically.

- To carry out some innovations for further improvement of the project.

- To write a report on the project 



Mathematics Club

1. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT(Maths) -I/C

2. Ms. Anita Gulati, TGT (Maths)

3. Mr. Sanjeev Malik, TGT (Maths)

4. Mr. Mohd. Aslam, TGT(Maths)

5. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma- 2, PRT


- To keep the record of activities performed by student

- To prepare the student for Maths Olympiad.

 -- To consolidate result and display the achievements periodically and graphically.

- To carry out some innovations for further improvement of the project.

- To write a report on the project 



Computer Labs (ICT)

 1. Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS) – First Floor Lab –I/C

2. Mr. Shankar Dass, Sub Staff

 3. Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT (CS) – Ground Floor Lab –I/C

4. Mr. Naresh Chopra, Sub Staff


- To keep the computer and the accessories in functional order.

- To keep the instruments under lock and key.

- To plan for purchase of computer.

- To popularize class project among the students of various classes.

- To develop some computer programme for the use of the Vidyalaya especially for the examination and office record.

- To update website monthly.

- To update TC on weekly basis issued to students



Press and Media

 1. Ms. SunitaSamra, PGT (Eng) – I/C

2. Ms. Sunita, PGT (Hin)

3. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)

4. Mr. Vishal, TGT (Hin)

5. Mr. Khushi Ram, Sub Staff 

- To send news report to media.

- To maintain a record of press report.

- To send invitation to media and any other correspondence with press.

- Sending out various messages on behalf of school.



Disaster Management / Fire Fighting

 1. Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT (Hist) – I/C

2. Ms Neelam , PGT (Geo)

3. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

4. Ms. Gulraj Kaur, PRT

5. Mr. Rajinder Kumar, Sub Staff

- Arrange / demonstration for disasters like earth quake and fire




 1. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT (Phy) – I/C

2. TGT (SST)

 3. Mr. Naresh, Sub Staff

- To motivate student to take part

- To prepare the student for various linked activities



Raj Bhasha Samiti

 1. Ms. Sunita, PGT (Hin) – I/C

2. Mr Vishal ,TGT (Hindi)

3.  Ms. SunitaSethi, PRT

4. All Teachers of Hindi Deptt.

- To keep the record

- to attend meeting of Raj BhashaSamiti

- To motivate teachers to work in Hindi





Staff Club

1. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)

2. Ms. SunitaSalhan, PRT - Primary


- To arrange staff meeting on various occasion like felicitations visit etc.

- To make arrangements for staff parties.

- To organize some cultural and sports activities for staff members.



Canteen Inspection Committee

 1. Ms. Darshana, Librarian – I/C

2.Mr.Rashpal Singh , PGT (Economics)

3. Ms. Joginder Kaur, TGT(Sans)

4. Ms. Renu Malik, PRT

5. Mr. Rattan, Sub Staff

- To keep a check on the canteen contractor.

- To arrange for the logging and boarding for the participants as and when required.

- To maintain all the accounts pertaining to logging and boarding.



School Magazine / News Letter

 1. Ms. Sunita Samra, PGT (Eng) – I/C

2. Ms. Sunita, PGT(Hindi)

3. Ms. JoginderKaur, TGT (Sans)

4. Ms. Babita Kaushal, TGT(Eng)

 5.Ms. Anita Gulati TGT(Maths)


6. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM – I/C

7. Ms.Kamaljit, PRT

8. Ms. Kanta, PRT 

- To plan for the periodical bulletins of the Vidyalaya

- To plan for the Vidyalaya PATRIKA and co- ordinate its publication work in time.

- To keep record all the achievements of the Vidyalaya in various fields.



Sadbhawana Club / Integrity Club & Online pledges, etc.


1.Mr.Rashpal Singh, PGT (Eco) – I/C

2. Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT(CS)

3. Mr.Sanjeev Malik, TGT(Maths)


5.     Ms. Sunita Bhagat, PRT

6.     Ms.Sangeeta, PRT

 - Enrolment of student for the club

 - arranges Talks from experts/teacher

 - planning for activities  







Excursion & Adventure Camp

 1.Ms. Darshana Azad, PGT (HIS)-I/C (Excursion)

2.Ms. Roselin, TGT(PHE)- I/C(Adventure)

3. Mr.Rashpal Singh, PGT (Economics)-

4. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

5. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT 

6. Mr. Sandeep Kumar, PRT

- Planning for excursion

- Making necessary arrangement

- Enrolment of student for the adventure the camp.

- Planning and making arrangements




Student Council committee

 1. Ms. Pawandeep, PGT(Comm) – I/C

2.Mr.Rashpal Singh, PGT (Economics)

3.Ms.Roselin, TGT (PHE)

4. Ms. Kanta Kumari, PRT

5. Students



- Make the student aware of their rights

- Time to Time arrange meeting with student council for the proper working of vidyalaya

- Formations of student council

- Distribution duties with badges

- Monitoring the activities 



Parent Teacher Association

 1.Ms. Neelam, PGT(Geo)– I/C

2. Mr. P.K.Pandey, PGT (CS)

3. Ms.Sunita Samra, PGT (Eng)

4.Ms.Kuldip ,TGT (Bio)


5. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

6. Ms. Sukhvinder, PRT

- Maintain the record of PTA

- Required meeting with parent





Road Safety Committee

 1. Ms. Meenakshi Jain (Chairman)

2. Ms.Darshana Azad,PGT(History)

3. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT (Phys)

4. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (Eng)

5. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT

6. Mr. Rattan, Sub Staff

- Arrange  demonstration for students from experts









Organization of VMC, VEC, and AAC

1.     Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS) –

Co-ordinator/ Formation of minutes

2.     Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths) –

 Preparation of records

3.     Ms. DarshanaKumari, Librarian –


4.     Ms. Renu Malik, PRT –


5.     Mr. Gopal, Sub Staff

- Playing and execution of various requirement  and activities of Vidyalaya with the help of chairman





Academic Advisory Committee

 1.Ms.Neelam,PGT (Geo)

2. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)

3. Ms. SunitaSamra, PGT (Eng)

4. Mr. P. K. Pandey, PGT (CS)

5. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

6. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-1, PRT

- Plan various academic activities for the improvement of teaching learning process



Condemnation Committee

1. Mr. Rashpal Singh, PGT (Eco)– I/C

2. Mr. Pavan K. Pandey, PGT (CS)

3.Ms. Sunita Bhagat, PRT

4. Mr. Amrik Singh, PRT

5. Mr. Khushi Ram, Sub Staff

- Collection of list from different departments

- Making arrangement for condemnation



Shala Darpan Activities

Mr. Sunil kumar , PGT (CS) – I/C

 Overall / Time Table

1. Ms.Rashmi Sharma, PGT (MATHS)

 Admissions / Enrollments

2. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)


3.Ms.Neelam, PGT(Geo)

 Purchase / M& R

4.Mr.Rashpal , PGT (ECO)


5. Ms. Pawandeep PGT(Comm) / ASO

 Shala Darpan Attendence  

 6.   All Class Teachers                

Primary Section Data Management

6. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

7. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma- 2, PRT

 8.Ms.Roopam, PRT



XI-XII: Mr.Sunil Kumar, PGT(CS)

IX-X: Mr.Mohammad Aslam, TGT(Maths)

VI-VIII : Mr. Amarjit , TGT(Eng)

I-V: Ms.Meenakshi-II (PRT)

- For completion of ShalaDarpan Activities and within time frame successfully.



Flag Hoisting Committee

1.Ms. Roselin, TGT (PHE) – I/C

2. Ms. Ankita Singh, TGT (WE)

3. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT (English)

4. Mr. Rajinder Kumar Sub Staff

-       Flag hoisting in morning assembly, independence day and republic day.



MOD Committee
1.Ms.Darshana Azad, PGT(History)

2. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM


For MOD: Mrs. Darshana Azad, PGT (History) will prepare and monitor the MOD .



Alumni Association

1. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma-2, PRT – I/C

2. Ms. Sunita Samra, PGT (Eng)

3. Ms. Vinod Kumari, TGT (Art Ed.)

4. Ms. Babita ,TGT(Eng)

- Maintain the record

- Required meetings.



U-DISE,Tarunotsav and gyanotsav committee

1.     Ms. Gurvinder Kaur, PGT (Chem.)

2.     Mr. Kashmir Singh

3.     Ms. Raj Kumari, HM

4.     Ms.Vaishali, PRT

Monitoring of completion of Shaala Darpan Attendance within time frame for Primary and Secondary.

Detailed planning to engage and nurture the talent of class X students immediately after board exams.




1.Ms.Roselin, TGT(PHE)-I/C(Secondary)

2. Mr.Sanjeev Malik,TGT(Maths)

3. Ms. Raj Kumari, HM – I/C(Primary)

4. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma – 2, PRT

5. All PRTs  

- Verification of RTE Admission at Class I Level (PRT members)

- Annual verifications of Bills submitted by RTE candidates




1.Ms.Gurvinder Kaur, PGT(Chemistry).-I/C (Secondary)

2.Ms.Raj Kumari,HM, -I/C(Primary)

For Secondary Section: In case of absence of In charge, next responsible teacher will issue the out pass


For Primary Section: Mrs. Raj Kumari, HM or any person authorized by her will issue the out pass.





1.Ms. Gurvinder Kaur,PGT (Chemistry)- I/C

2. All subjects teachers.

Planning for Loss Compensation and to keep record.




1.Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT(CS)

2. Ms. Rashmi Sharma, PGT (Maths)

3.Ms.Roselin, TGT(PHE)

Setting goals and targets for the new session in line with the policies, initiatives and commitments of KVS

Achievemnts and efforts made during session 2017-18 should be critically reviewed with regard to vidyalaya plan




1.     Ms.Sunita Samara,PGT (Eng)- I/C

2.     Mr. Sunil Kumar, PGT (CS)

-       To plan for enhanced role of vidyalaya as a support and resource to the linked school.





1.     Mr. Mohd. Aslam, TGT(Maths

2. Mr. Surjit Kumar, TGT(Eng)

As per CBSE norms.




1.     Ms.Kuldip Kaur,TGT (Bio)

2.     Ms. Babita, TGT(English)

3.     Mr.Vishal ,TGT(Hindi)

Planning and to keep record.







1.     Mr. Pawan Kumar Pandey , PGT (CS) – I/C

2.      Mr. Kashmir Singh PGT PHYSICS

3.     Mr. Khushi Ram, Sub-Staff





TC Processing:  All Class Teachers

      Preparation: Mr.Ratan

      Checking: Mr.Sandeep Kumar (PRT)

                        Ms.Sangeeta (PRT)





1.     Mr. Sunil Kumar

-       Visit to CSIR Labs in summer break

-       Experience and impressions of students and teachers to be videographed and shared with RO.





1.     Ms. Sunita Samra

-       To encourage students to participate in the gifting of old textbooks to their juniors.




1.     Ms. Roselin


-       To ensure completion of the fitness score card profiles of all students.

-       To organize PTM for explaining and distribution of fitness score cards .







(Meenakshi  Jain)