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Chapter Name



Name of the Group

Laxmi Bai


Color and Design of   the  Group Scarf

Triangular – Sky Blue with White Piping

 Members of the Group Committee

Sr. No.






Mr. G S Sethi



KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Ms. Raj Kumari


Vice President

KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Mr. Durga Prasad

TGT(WE), Advance


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Ms. Harinder Kaur

PRT, Advance


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Mr. Amrik Singh

PRT, Advance


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Mr. Sanjeev Malik

TGT (Maths), Advance


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Ms. Babita Kaushal

TGT (English), Advance


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Mr. Surjit Kumar

TGT (English), Aasic


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Ms. Usha Kiran

TGT (Hindi), Basic


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar


Ms. Ruby Wadhawan

PRT, Basic


KV Suranussi, Jalandhar

 Total Enrollments For Cubs/Bulbuls/ Scouts & Guides For The Session 2013-14: 203

  • 48 Cubs and Bulbuls participated in the celebration of Thinking Day and Cub/Bulbul Utsav Held on 22 Feb 2012 at KV No. 1 Jalandhar Cantt.
  • Our Vidyalaya organized Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp from 9th to 12th April 2012 in which 7 officials, 11 escorts, and 67 guides participated from different Vidyalayas of Jammu Region.
  • Two teachers of our Vidyalaya attended the Basic Training camp in Scouting and Guiding at KV Banikhet in the month of May 2012.
  • Mrs. Raj Kumari, HM attended the course of flock leader as Instructor in May 2012 at KV Banikhet.
  • 10 Guides and 3 Scouts of our Vidyalaya qualified pre-Rajya Puruskar held at KV No. 1 Banikhet.
  • All the Scouts and Guides along with their Scout Master and Guides Captains participated in a Rally against use of Polythene and Pollution organized by 223 ABOD in January 2013.
  • Pre-Rajya Puruskar that was held at KV Hisar Cantt was attended by 9 scouts and 9 guides of our Vidyalaya and all the 9 scouts and guides passed the testing camp successfully.
  • In Rajya Puruskar that was held in Dehradun in July 2013 (wef 15.05.13 to 20.07.13) 9 Scouts and 9 Guides participated .
  • In Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held between 23.07.13 to 27.07.13 at KV Firozpur Cantt, 6 Scouts and 6 Guides of this Vidyalaya took Participation.



 Testing Camp

  • One day testing camp for scouts and guides was organized in the Vidyalaya 0n 23rd Feb at 10:30 am in which 149 scouts and guides appeared for the test of Parvesh, Pratham and Divitiya Sopan under the supervision of trained scout Masters and Guide Captains. After the test all the scouts and guides cleaned each and every corner of the Vidyalaya.
  • A rally was also organised based on protecting environment from pollution.
  • In the evening a camp fire was organised in which Mr. G.S.Sethi, the venue Principal graced the occasion by being the chief guest. A bouquet of colourful items like solo song, group dance and classical dance were presented by the scouts and guides.
  • The program ended with the distribution of certificates and enlighting speech made by the chief guest that it is the duty of each and every scout & guide to spread tha message of peace and harmony in every nook and corner of the world and to make the world more beautiful and peaceful.

Lord Badden Powel Birth Anniversary

  • Birth anniversary of Ld. Badden Powel was celebrated in the Vidyalaya on 22nd Feb 2010 at 10.00 am.
  • Dr. Jaswant Minhas, the Div. Commissioner of Guides, Jammu Region-II and Principal K.V. No-II JRC, accompanied by Sh. Suresh Shashtri, Comm.Scouts Punjab State, graced the occasion by being the chief guest. Mr.G.S.Sethi, venue Principal extended a hearty welcome to the chief guest.
  • All the scouts ,guides, Bulbul, Cubs, Masters and Captains were present at that occasion. Flag was heisted and the portrait of Ld. Badden Powel and Lady Olive Powel were garlanded.
  • A cultural program was also presented by the Bulbuls and cubs.
  • Chief Guest appreciated the venue Principal Mr. G.S.Sethi for registering massive no. of students in the scout and guide movements.
  • Breakfast and lunch was also provided to the scouts and guides.
  • All the scouts, guides, Bulbuls and cubs enjoyed and celebrated the day with full zeal and enthusiasm.


  • Four Scouts anf four guides participated in Pre-Rajya Purskar Testing Camp Under the guidance of Mr. Durga Prasad and Mrs. Harinder Pal held at K.V. 2, Jalandhar w.e.f. 22.09.09 to 24.09.09

Abhishek Kumar X

Manoj Kumar XI Comm

Inderpreet Kaur X

are selected for Rajya Puraskar testing Camp held at K.V. No.1 Tambaram Chennai w.e.f. 6.10.09 to 10.10.09

  • One Guide and two scouts have passed Rajya Purskar test held at K.V. No.1. Tambaram Chennai w.e.f. 6.10.09 to 10.10.09
  • 60 cubs and Bulbuls participated in the cubs and bulbuls Utsav under guidance of Mrs. Harinder Pal and Mrs. Ruby Vadhwa
  • Celebration of Flag Day 7th Number 2009. 100 Flags stickers were distributed among scouts and guides Rs.2/- per sticker
  • Two days i.e. Wednesday and Saturdayin a week scout and Guide activities are performed like Prayer, Pyramid, Knotting Lacing, Plantation, Fencing of Plants, Watering of Plants, Community Services, Welcoming Guests etc. done by scouts and Guides under supervision of scout Masters and Guide Captains.
  • 15 Scouts rendered their services in different Cricket Grouds and Vidyalaya during KVS 40th National Cricket Meet Under 16 Boys w.e.f. 16.11.09 to 21.11.09 under supervision of Mr. Durga Prasad Scout Master.